Brandon McCarty

COO & Founding Partner Brandon McCarty

“It all connected with me, and I knew that my calling was to create a company that can support not just one, but many causes by giving them support in the areas that need it most.”

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Brandon McCarty’s Story: Upon leaving the military after five years of service and four deployments, I found myself as most veterans do, trying to figure out what’s next. Chris reached out to me as I was driving from Alabama in a 20 foot U-Haul to Oregon when I was ready to start my new chapter in life. He told me he wanted to start a business. The business would be focused on the needs he had witnessed as a development director for multiple nonprofits over that past few years and he wanted me to run the operational side of the company. I had worked as a caregiver in college for a nonprofit company that  supported individuals with developmental disabilities by providing them group homes, jobs, and friendships. But beyond that, working with nonprofits or philanthropy had never crossed my mind. I told Chris I would think about it, but had to figure out what my options were.

I was fortunate around this time to be selected to take part in a nonprofit initiative that took military veterans and trained them to be SAP certified in data modeling and business intelligence. The initiative was one year old and I was a part of their third class of 20 veterans.  The initiative was created by the CEO (a former veteran) of a tech company focused on national security, and mostly funded by the same corporation. The program took 20 veterans from all over the U.S. and took them through a four month tech boot camp, providing full room and board, and a personal job fair with some of the biggest companies in the world. This was an amazing experience.I had only been out of the military for two months when I started, but I learned the stories of the other 19 veterans who had been struggling to find good paying jobs for 5-6 years. These were some of the bravest, and hardest working people, who were never really able to make the successful transition. A particular marine veteran stood out to me, as he taught English in the inner city of Chicago, had a master’s degree in philosophy, and had to work as a bouncer at night to provide for his family and two children.

Because of this four month program, I saw people’s lives change. Every veteran was offered a great paying job with companies such as Accenture and Deloitte.  I had always experienced philanthropy from a distance. I saw the commercials, heard the news about great causes, but I never really saw the impact that an initiative could have on an individual person.

This experience moved me. I wanted to help more people, change their lives. I saw the challenges that this particular organizations was having as most of the people who ran it were full time employees from the corporation and volunteered their time. Everything Chris had told me about the nonprofit world were challenges I saw first hand. It all connected with me, and I knew that my calling was to create a company that can support not just one, but many causes by giving them support in the areas that need it most.

Brandon McCarty’s Bio: As CGC’s Chief Operating Officer, Brandon McCarty is responsible for CGC’s day to day operations, in addition to leading the company’s marketing and finance department. Following his service in the United States military, Brandon was selected to participate in a nonprofit consulting organization designed to assist transitioning veterans. Inspired by the synergy and generosity he witnessed from the organization, Brandon partnered with CEO Christopher Hammond to help create Corporate Giving Connection.

Brandon has an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ashford University, as well as, multiple certifications in data manipulation and management from SAP. He served as a non-commissioned officer within the 75th Ranger Regiment where he was involved in variety of special operation missions leading numerous men in combat. Brandon strongly believes that philanthropy is the transcendent virtue in which all communities should strive to emulate. He is passionate about serving others and providing solutions to the philanthropic community; a vision CGC hopes to communicate in partners and communities worldwide.

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