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Our Consulting Services

Whether you’re a nonprofit in need of marketing and development consulting services, or a corporation looking to develop and market a corporate social responsibility program, we’ve got the right set of consulting services and the right execution team for you!

  • Auction Management to effectively raise funds, as well as, engage current and prospective donors, volunteers, sponsors, media, and the community. Read more.
  • Communications that provide a cohesive voice throughout all of your audience engagement touch points including email, social media, and other marketing copy. Read more.
  • Copywriting that appeals to your target audiences and delivers your message in a distinct and appealing way. Read more.
  • CSR Consulting to unite your corporation’s vision of giving with a compatible nonprofit organization. Read more.
  • Event Management specializing in run/walks, festivals, galas, meetings, conferences, culinary events, mixers, proms, and more. Read more.
  • Fundraising & Development committed to building and implementing comprehensive strategies to achieve your revenue goals. Read more.
  • Grant Writing specializing in corporate grants, foundation grants, educational grants, and scholastic awards. Read more.
  • Graphic Design that delivers an intuitive and pleasing layout incorporating branding elements and appropriate imagery, coordinated with the website and brand. Read more.
  • Public Relations strategy and outreach to spread the word about your mission and build impressions for your brand. Read more.
  • Social Media management that targets your audiences by telling your stories through a variety of mediums on the key social platforms. Read more.
  • Video Production to bring your organization’s vision to life whether through a sizzle reel, a virtual reality video, a unique campaign film, or something else. Read more.
  • Website Development that inspires, connects, and communicates with both your current and prospective audience in innovative ways. Read more.

We’re up for any challenge, understanding that when our clients reach their goals, the world becomes a better place. It’s why we do what we do.

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