Video Production


CGC boasts a philanthropy-driven video production team dedicated to visual storytelling for nonprofits. The award-winning team works to establish an in-depth understanding of your organization’s unique mission by creating video content that delivers the messaging of your brand and programs in a uniquely empathetic way, driving both web traffic and interest into your organization’s mission. Our team’s videos have been nominated for Cannes Lions awards, The Guardian has featured our War Child video as one of the best charity videos of 2015, and our virtual reality production The Empowered was featured at the 2016 Recipe for Empowerment event and won a 2017 MarCom Gold Award.


CGC’s accomplished team of video producers will integrate themselves into your organization and develop a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s mission, vision, and brand and collaborate with your team to develop clear short and long-term video production goals.

Once these goals have been established, CGC will create a 12-month video production strategy that will outline potential video concepts and campaign ideas, and identify specific calls to action that will serve as a roadmap for the year.

Upon completion of the strategy, CGC will work alongside your team to create a video treatment for the video concept(s) that receive the most interest. Immediately once the treatment has been completed, CGC will collaborate with your team to develop a script and comprehensive storyboard before beginning the production process.

From filming to facilitating voiceovers to post-production editing, CGC’s video production team will be led by an on-site director that will manage each step of the production process with a great level of attention to detail.

Throughout the year, CGC will work with your team to edit and enhance the direction of pre-existing video content, create campaign ideas, and identify additional opportunities to develop short original clips with clear calls-to-action for your digital platforms.



We think of ourselves as part of your team, so that’s how we’ve created the packages we offer. Each package includes the services we recommend based on the kind of team member you need. Let’s talk about what you need and what fits your budget.

Support offered at an additional cost includes travel to events and filming, bonus original content, event photography, and photos shoots.

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