CSR Consulting


CGC provides CSR consulting services that uncover your corporation’s vision of giving and help connect it to a compatible nonprofit that is in tune with your company’s culture. CGC believes that corporate giving should be powerful and effective, but not complicated. We simplify the giving process by locating, vetting, and managing the interaction through effective CSR consulting.


Corporate giving campaigns for your employees to participate in coordinated giving efforts to the charity of your company’s choice.

Sponsorship opportunities to give back to an organization while still receiving branding opportunities through events and marketing campaigns.

Major gift opportunities for your corporation to donate enough funds to make a lasting financial impact on an organization’s programs.

Charity beneficiary to have a local organization honored at one of your corporate events.

Strategic partnerships to develop an enduring partnership that will produce volunteering opportunities, co branding options, and ultimately provide the corporation with the ability to make a significant impact with the organization.

Our CSR consulting services will position your company to be effectively involved within the philanthropic community while freeing up your company’s resources to be focused where they should be – on growing your business.

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