CSR Consulting


We believe that doing good is good for business. CGC wants to help you uncover your company’s vision of giving in order to grow your community engagement programs for greater social and bottom-line impact.  Making a difference doesn’t have to be difficult. CGC is ready to simplify your CSR (and do some heavy-lifting!).


  • Corporate giving campaigns – galvanize employees in coordinated giving efforts to the nonprofit of your company’s choice.
  • Sponsorship opportunities – support a cause-focused event and receive branding opportunities through marketing collateral and campaigns.
  • Major gift opportunities – make a long-lasting financial impact on an organization’s programs and establish an ongoing partnership with their commitment to community change.
  • Charity beneficiary – celebrate a  local organization as an honoree at one of your corporate events.
  • Strategic partnerships – develop a deep and enduring partnership with a nonprofit that will produce volunteer projects, co-branding opportunities and community impact through commitment to a common mission.

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