Grant Writing


CGC boasts some of the top grant writers in the U.S. The grant writing team employs a systematic process that includes conducting an extensive background prospect research, developing a strategic 12-month grants calendar, and establishing a clear, distinct voice to communicate your organization’s story to potential grant funders. CGC’s grant writers are responsible for winning a combined total of $22 million from 2014 to 2016 for worthy non-profit organizations throughout the country.


Per the mission of your organization, CGC pairs you with a grant writer who is an expert in your specific sector and desired source of funding.

CGC creates prospect research including a comprehensive list of private/corporate foundations, academic, state, and federal grants and the specific programs that align with each grant for which your organization will apply.

CGC generates a prospect report providing your organization with a blueprint for optimal grant winning success.

Upon completion of the research and report, CGC creates a 12-month grants calendar providing your organization with a high level view of application deadlines to efficiently allocate time.

CGC consolidates all statistical, analytical, and organizational data and begins applying for each grant, per your organization’s input and preference.

Once a grant is submitted and won, CGC generates a report on behalf of your organization.


We think of ourselves as part of your team, so that’s how we’ve created the packages we offer. Each package includes the services we recommend based on the kind of team member you need. Let’s talk about what you need and what fits your budget.

Services available with extra monthly support hours include additional strategy/coaching sessions, additional prospect research, foundation outreach, copywriting (website, newsletter, email, and other marketing materials), email design, thank you letter templates, testimonials, and direct mail drafts.

Support offered at an additional cost includes packaging and mailing applications on behalf of the client, and attending foundation meetings in-person.

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