CGC’s development and fundraising team believes that fundraising success takes a multidisciplinary approach led by strong board leadership, dependable individual donors, and strategic corporate partnerships. CGC collaborates with your team to develop sufficient fundraising tools and provide clear, concise, and attainable expectations for board members to accomplish their desired results. CGC works alongside your team to build compelling marketing materials that highlight your mission while using digital platforms and intimate events to increase the engagement and sustainability of individual donors. In a highly competitive corporate donor market CGC differentiates themselves from the competition by conducting in-depth background research, analyzing your specific market, and communicating the proposition values that your organization can provide to the potential corporate partner. In 2016 alone, CGC clients raised nearly 200k in sponsorships and donations and over $100k in in-kind donations.


CGC’s development team will integrate themselves into your organization and develop a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s mission, resources, and brand. Once CGC has familiarized themselves with your organization, they will begin to conduct corporate prospect research, market analysis, and cross reference potential corporate partners with your current resources.

Once the research has been completed, CGC will collaborate with your team to begin building marketing materials with clear and direct calls to action. The marketing materials will serve as valuable fundraising tools integral to your fundraising success. Your team will have opportunities to review, monitor, and leave feedback on every aspect of the copy and design of these materials.

Upon completion of the marketing materials, CGC will work alongside your team to strategize and build a development roadmap that includes clear plans for individual giving, corporate giving, and board management.

CGC’s development team will continue to conduct prospect research and create presentations for potential corporate partners as well as focus on cultivating relationships, leveraging established resources, and holding board members accountable.

Throughout the year, CGC will work with your team to brainstorm and develop innovative fundraising campaigns. CGC will stay informed on fundraising trends, and continue to educate themselves on the newest fundraising techniques and technologies.


We think of ourselves as part of your team, so that’s how we’ve created the packages we offer. Each package includes the services we recommend based on the kind of team member you need. Let’s talk about what you need and what fits your budget.

Services available with extra monthly support hours include targeted coaching/strategy sessions, expanded corporate prospect research, expanded market analysis, sponsorship proposal development, building sponsorship profiles, writing sponsorship solicitations, creating sponsorship presentations, managing sponsor benefits, and event support.

Support offered at an additional cost includes designing additional presentation decks and other marketing materials, creating and managing board retreat, and travel on behalf of the client.

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