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About Corporate Giving Connection

Corporate Giving Connection is a full service development, marketing, and corporate social responsibility consulting firm focusing on strategic planning and implementation for your nonprofit organization or corporation. Our goal is to provide modern, proven solutions that deal with the challenges affecting both fundraising and corporate giving efforts. We work hand in hand with your nonprofit organization or corporation to identify opportunities and remove obstacles.

We partner with nonprofit organizations to become a fully integrated part of your team offering development and marketing experience and solutions that further your mission and accomplish both your short-term and your long-term goals. From board management, event production, and sponsorship presentations to website development, social media, email plan execution, and so much more, CGC has experts at the ready to help.

We partner with corporations to develop a corporate social responsibility program from scratch or to add value to an existing program. We believe that successful companies in the 21st century must be socially responsible to appeal to the new generation of consumers and employees. Not only will we match you with an appropriate philanthropic cause, but we’ll also work with you and your team to promote your efforts in a way that will ultimately pay off for both the cause and your corporation.

We love what we do and we know we can bring that passion to your organization whether you’re a nonprofit working for a great cause or a for-profit corporation looking to contribute to a great cause.

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