CGC’s multifaceted copywriting team is made up of novelists, journalists, grant writers, and brand experts who share the common belief that establishing a clear, distinct voice is integral to telling your organization’s story. CGC will ensure that your imagery and copy work cohesively by approaching your content in an informed, disciplined, and thoughtful manner that will translate to your website, marketing materials, and digital platforms. Our diverse team of storytellers believe in the importance of background research, brand consistency, and staying true to your mission. The team has experienced success in fiction, nonfiction, and digital marketing writing and has built the brand identities of several leading nonprofit, corporate, and startup brands both nationally and internationally.



CGC’s versatile team of copywriters will integrate themselves into your organization and develop a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s mission, vision, and brand, compiling a record of the language that your organization is currently using.

Once the content has been compiled, CGC will edit the copy in a clear and concise manner and create a Copy Guidelines document that serves as a glossary of terms to support anyone writing content for your organization. This content will be updated as your language continues to evolve.

Upon completion of the Copy Guidelines, CGC will work alongside your team to focus on developing new content consistent with your guidelines that can be used for marketing materials, direct mail campaigns, digital marketing, etc.

CGC’s team of copywriters will continue to conduct market research and additional brand marketing research to stay current on industry trends and remain informed on how corporations and nonprofits craft compelling language that enhances their brand.

Throughout the year, CGC will work with your team to edit and repurpose outdated content, and identify additional opportunities to develop original content with clear calls to action for all platforms.


We think of ourselves as part of your team, so that’s how we’ve created the packages we offer. Each package includes the services we recommend based on the kind of team member you need. Let’s talk about what you need and what fits your budget.

Services available with monthly support hours include copywriting for website, annual report, marketing materials, newsletter, emails, thank you letters, testimonials, and direct mail letters.

Support offered at an additional cost includes grant writing, email marketing, and social media.

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