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CGC’s innovative website development team believes that designing and developing a memorable website requires an understanding that no interaction is too small to make an impression. At CGC we ensure that your website aligns seamlessly with your brand identity, digital platforms, and marketing materials. CGC will design and develop websites that enhance marketing and fundraising efforts while also building excitement about your mission and brand. CGC’s team thrives on crafting aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, visual content that incorporates branding elements with compelling imagery to communicate your mission. We’re well-versed in user experience best practices, and our experiences span from creating original website designs for Fortune 500 companies to building websites for national and international non profit organizations and corporations.



CGC’s creative website team will integrate themselves into your organization to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s mission, brand, and marketing materials. We will create a comprehensive folder of your organization’s marketing materials along with a breakdown of your brand ID (color pallet, font, and logo variations).

Once the content has been compiled, CGC will collaborate with your team to design your desired website. At each phase of this process, your team will have opportunities to review, monitor, and leave feedback on every aspect of the design. Your contextual feedback will be quickly addressed and integrated into the ongoing work until each phase has been completed.

Upon completion of the website design, CGC will work with your team to begin development of the site. The website will be built on a live testing site for you to monitor the progress.

Once final, CGC will offer a comprehensive training to your organization’s staff and key volunteers on how to operate the backend of your organization’s new website.

Throughout the year, CGC will work with your team to design and develop updated content and functionalities to continuously keep your website up-to-date.

Services available with extra monthly support hours include structural changes, website design edits, video content edits, marketing material design, adding and removing web pages, sourcing images, design and development of mini-sites and landing pages, design of basic visual content for social media and email, and design of email templates.

Support offered at an additional cost includes SEO audit, content audit, content copywriting, rebranding design, creating original video content, and CRM software integration.

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