Ready for a Peer-to-Peer Campaign? 5 Questions to Ask

Ready for a Peer-to-Peer Campaign? 5 Questions to Ask

by Chris Hammond, CEO, CGC

Originally published on 6/9/21 by OneCause

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So you’re thinking a Peer-to-Peer Campaign might be right for your nonprofit? Or maybe you’re not really sure. Let’s find out whether or not your organization is ready with these 5 simple questions.

1. Is there already some enthusiasm for fundraising at your organization?

In other words, do you have an active board, volunteers or individual donors that consistently back what you do? Have you noticed some pent-up energy among your biggest supports since they can’t be physically present at an event or service opportunity? Then you have the energy needed to implement a Peer-2-Peer Campaign.

P2P uses the commitment of those who already love the work you do and are looking for ways to support outside of monetary contributions. Transform them from being supporters to becoming ambassadors for your cause. They are ready!

2. Have you had an in person event or program delayed or canceled because of the pandemic?

If so, this is a perfect opportunity for a P2P Campaign to step-in as your fundraising solution. Past program donors or event attendees make great P2P fundraisers. You know they care about and understand what you do. And if they’ve invited guests to attend a gala or golf tournament with them before, they are primed to leverage their existing networks for new donors.

They might not be a “captive audience” per se, but they are already tried-and-true advocates for your organization! A well-planned campaign capped off with an engaging virtual event could be the perfect fundraising and engagement push you need.

3. Do you have a landmark accomplishment or date of significance coming up such as an anniversary, relevant holiday, or organizational achievement?

P2P Campaigns are highly effective when they align with a commemorative moment, known holiday, or notable accomplishment. Think of the awareness moms receive around Mother’s Day or the debut of a documentary exploring the origin of your cause or the celebration of 10,000 clients served. These are all jumping off points for a compelling and timely campaign. Take advantage of anything that might already exist in our collective consciousness so your campaign feels relevant and needed. As a bonus – you’ll have a compelling Campaign Theme ready to go!

4. Do you have a new program or a virtual adaptation of a curriculum that needs support?

The pandemic has had far reaching effects on nonprofits and the work they do. In some cases, brand new programs have been created to meet the specific fallout caused by COVID-19. In other situations, already established efforts have needed to pivot to a virtual setting.

If your organization finds itself in one of these two positions, a P2P Campaign is an excellent mechanism for raising the additional funds needed to implement these changes. Your audience is already aware of the many challenges the pandemic has presented, and they are just waiting to understand how it is affecting something they already care about. Let them know how you are adapting, and be candid with what you need from them. People are ready to help, they just need to know how!

5. Have you done a fundraising campaign in general? Whether it be direct mail, social media, or end of the year appeals?

Yes? Then you are ready to try Peer2Peer! If you’ve planned, organized and implemented a fundraising effort then we know your supporters are already used to hearing from you. Now it is time to empower them in a different way.

A P2P Campaign is just the other side of the same fundraising coin. Instead of soliciting a gift directly from your past donors, you are providing them tools and resources to request that donation from their own friends and family. You are shifting them from a supporter to an advocate. It is a slight, but truly impactful difference. It’s time to level-up your fundraising strategy!

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