The Ultimate Content Checklist for Your P2P Campaign

The Ultimate Content Checklist for Your P2P Campaign

by Brittany LaGanke, Director of Nonprofit Development, CGC

Originally published on 6/9/21 by Salsa

Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaigns (P2P) are incredibly effective and especially well-adapted for the virtual-based world we currently find ourselves in. But they do have a lot of moving parts and are only as effective as the content you create.

To assist in keeping you organized and on track, here is your Ultimate P2P Content checklist for your next campaign.

Comprehensive Campaign Calendar

Assign and schedule all communications. Ensure your campaign plan does not compete with organizational goals and programs. Align your marketing so it compliments both. This includes emails, social media posts, reminders, save the dates, thank-yous, and key updates.

Prepare Lots of Organizational/Programmatic Content

Get ready to show off the impact of your organization by gathering all your best visual and storytelling content in one place. This will help you assess what you already have available and decide what you may need to generate. This includes:

  • High-quality photos
  • Videos
  • Testimonials / Quotes
  • Stories

Campaign Landing Page

You’ll need a “home” for your campaign whether it’s a dedicated page on your website or a specific peer-to-peer fundraising software platform. This page needs to be well-designed and visually appealing. And it should give all necessary info about your campaign including:

  • Name
  • Start and end date
  • Fundraising goal
  • Introduction to the organization and the specific need of the campaign (whether it be programmatic or general)
  • Explanation of why people should donate now and how the funds will be used

Branded Graphics

Your campaign needs to have a cohesive look and feel. Create a “mini-brand” and keep this consistent throughout all materials. This includes choosing specific fonts, colors, design layouts, and filtered images.


Compose a short prospectus or guide that everyone can pull from to formulate their own communications. This includes keywords and phrases that are both compelling, informative, and unique to your campaign. Decide on your overall tone. Is it urgent? Hopeful? Upbeat? Make sure your objective is clear, and you are representing the mission of your organization accurately.


Design an exciting banner as the ultimate embodiment of your campaign brand. This will act as the header for your landing page, email templates, and social media accounts. Include the name, logo, and compelling images.

Social Media Posts

As you’re scheduling out each social media post, check that you have a square image/graphic that matches your branding, a caption that pulls from the prospectus language, and a catchy hashtag that everyone can use. As you are drafting, remember the character limitations for each platform.

Email Drafts

Plan out how many emails your organization will send out throughout the duration of the campaign and then draft them ahead of time. This ensures they work together and strike that fine balance of reinforcing your message without being too repetitive. We suggest you send at least three – an introductory email, a mid-way reminder, and a final call-to-action the day before it ends. Don’t forget to draft your “Thank You” emails too!

Direct Mail Letter

If your target audience is so inclined, you may want to include a traditional “snail mail” appeal letter as a part of your campaign. This can be very similar to your introductory email drafted above – no need to reinvent the wheel! But ensure they know where and how to donate – whether it’s a clearly marked short URL or address to send a check.

Templates for Fundraisers

Since your supporters will be fundraising on your behalf, you want to make it as easy for them as possible while helping them remain consistent with your messaging. Similar to your organizational emails, we suggest three templates for the beginning, middle, and end with suggested send dates. Again, include “Thank You” copy. Don’t forget to draft several social media posts for them with graphics, captions, and hashtags.

How-To Guides

An easy-to-reference “How-To” Guide can be useful for everyone involved. This can be a one-stop-shop that your staff, board members, and fundraisers can consult to explain the basics of P2P with best practices laid out.

This list may seem intimidating, but good preparation is the key to a successful P2P campaign. Remember to download the 2-page P2P content checklist, put the work in upfront, and when it’s time to launch, it will practically run itself and you can watch the donations roll in!

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