Friends with Benefits: Easy Steps to Grow Your Network

When evaluating our competition, we know the organizations in our field and how we differ, but do we take the time to understand what companies are currently supporting them? When evaluating our networks, we often think about who we know, but do we ask ourselves who do they know? We all need introductions, but do we have the wording and supporting collateral needed to make the introduction as seamless yet impactful as possible. We cover this and more in Friends with Benefits: Easy Steps to Grow Your Network. 

The session covers:

  • Creating a quick market analysis to understand what companies are supporting your competition.
  • Learning how to use LinkedIn to receive introductions and increase your network of supporters. 
  • Identifying what your marketing collateral toolkit should look like.
  • Developing templates that make introductions as simple as possible.
As presented at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference 2019

Chris Hammond is the CEO and Founder of Corporate Giving Connection (CGC). CGC is a full service development, marketing, and corporate social responsibility consulting firm that focuses on strategic planning and implementation for nonprofit organizations and corporations. Chris has 8+ years of event management and 7+ years of nonprofit fundraising consulting & leadership experience. He holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in Public Policy and Administration from California Lutheran University.

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