Creating the Wheel: The Guide to a Successful Inaugural Event

Four Tips for a Successful First-Time Fundraising Event

In the video, CEO Chris Hammond offers four tips for hosting a first-time fundraising event for your nonprofit. On the surface, creating a first-time event can seem like a daunting task. All events require attention to detail and an overall team effort, but inaugural events carry the challenge of generating excitement around an event that is foreign to your community. With this challenge comes great opportunity. Inaugural events carry the potential to diversify your audience and expand your organization’s reach. Inaugural special events inspire a spirited grassroots effort, combat donor fatigue, and breathe new life into long time supporters.

The webinar will cover:
– How to create an event concept that stays true to your organization while expanding your audience.
– How to recruit groups of high quality volunteers without utilizing a volunteer platform.
– How to create marketing materials that inspire the community to support your event.
– How to leverage established partners for in-kind donations and event attendance.
– Recommendations on the different revenue enhancers that can increase the funds raised for your inaugural special event.

Viewers will walk away feeling motivated to challenge the status quo of their organization’s special events and ready to develop an original inaugural event that can expand your reach, diversify your audience and cultivate new donors for years to come.

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