Meet Sierra Catcott

Sierra Catcott Supports CGC’s Marketing Projects

“I believe in the power of nonprofits. I believe that they are at the frontline of tackling the world’s most pressing issues and long standing problems. And that they are doing it with both limited resources and boundless creativity.”  

Sierra has spent almost a decade working in the special niche of “nonprofits that help other nonprofits”, otherwise known as, Management Support Organizations (MSOs) across the state of California. She has been introduced to hundreds of nonprofits and assisted them with their fundraising efforts, event planning, marketing strategies, and capacity building needs. Her aim is always to help them become as efficient and effective as they are passionate about their missions.

Most recently she chose to use the knowledge and experience she gained in the MSO sector to help a cause close to her heart. She spent 4 years as the Director of Events for AIDS Services Foundation in Orange County, planning 4 Major fundraising events throughout the year and raising over $1.5 million annually.  

Her exposure in working with many different kinds of organizations gives her unique insight into the philanthropic world. She understands the pressure nonprofits face to constantly do “more with less.” But she also resonates with Dan Pallotta’s famous Ted Talk about our often misguided views on charity. As he so succinctly puts it, “Our generation does not want its epithet to read, ‘We kept charity overhead low. We want it to read that we changed the world.”

That is why working at CGC appealed to Sierra. She knows that every nonprofit has a story that needs to be told, but doesn’t always have the bandwidth to do so. She also knows that telling that story right can lead to more resources, exposure and impact. CGC’s ability to take on this charge and lighten the load for organizational staff to continue their important day-to-day work, is something that Sierra can truly get behind. And she is excited to utilize her experience and expertise in her role supporting CGC with their marketing and with client projects.

Sierra has a Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy & Political Science from the University of California, San Diego. She currently lives in Orange County, CA with her husband, dog, and VW Bus called “The Bustache.” True to her namesake, she loves camping, backpacking and hiking (especially among the Redwoods). She likes puzzles and podcasts, fancy cheeses and crafts. She drives a Honda Fit named “Fity Cent.” And she certainly admires a good pun.

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