15 Tips for Planning a GREAT Nonprofit Website

15 Tips for Planning a GREAT Nonprofit Website

Planning a nonprofit website can be overwhelming! Your website is the face of your organization and is one of the first impressions you make on donors, volunteers, and sponsors, so you need it to be done well. There are so many things to consider – Who should be involved? What platform should you use? Where is your content going to come from? What content do you need and what content do you want? How will you keep it fresh? How will people find it? What do you want visitors to do? How will you get them to do it? The questions go on and on and they can paralyze you before you even get started.

In this video originally broadcast on Facebook Live, CGC Marketing Strategist Jen Linck reviews 15 tips to get you started on planning for your website build. You’ll get the tools you need to create an outline that will help you communicate effectively and efficiently with your website developer. Already have a website? Great! These tips may help reassure you that it’s the best website it can be OR it may give you some ideas for making it even better.

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