Webinar: The Finish Line: Using Giving Tuesday To Kick Off An End Of Year P2P Campaign

Webinar released 10/8/2020 by Neon One

Webinar Summary:

Did you know that 31% of annual giving occurs in December? And that this year, GivingTuesday is on December 1? In a year unlike any other, Neon One wants to show how your organization can leverage your tools most effectively to engage your fundraisers and their networks to maximize your end of year performance.

In the first of a six-part series, we’ll be partnering with Corporate Giving Connection to unpack how GivingTuesday can lead to major success when employing peer to peer fundraising in strategic ways. Learning objectives of this advanced workshop will be:

  • Key reasons why GivingTuesday should have a dedicated focus for end of year campaigning
  • The most effective ways to engage and expand your marketing to existing and new audiences
  • Vital features your organization needs to employ in your peer to peer fundraising platform in order to succeed

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